Oh, How I love Batman & Robin

"Don't patronize me or I'll break your face." -Damian Wayne

ZRE Podcast #5- Top 5 Heroes

This guy I know did a podcast that talks about his top 5 heroes in any genre or media of all time. Give it a listen because he makes some really great points, though I was little stunned by some of his choices or lack there of. No worries, I won’t give anything away. So I thought I’d give you my top five and see what you all think. Now, any genre or media is a little bit too wide a spectrum for me. I’m just going to stick with DC heroes for right now. And this is based on personal opinion and who I enjoy best as a DC hero. I hope you all enjoy the podcast as mush as I did. Here’s my top five list:

5. Damian Wayne as Robin

4. Starfire

3. The Flash

2. Shazam / Captain Marvel

1. Bruce Wayne as Batman

This doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change anything at all.